DarkMatter2525 is a YouTube user who makes religious comedy videos periodically from an atheist's perspective.

Characters Edit

Major Edit

  • Yahweh (God)
  • Jeffrey, a baby angel (the flying baby)

The above two are the main characters appearing in every episode.

Minor Edit

  • Jesus, God's son
  • Moses, represents Judaism
  • Not-Muhammad, represents Islam (always hidden in "Censored " boxes)
  • Zeus, Yahweh's gay lover
  • Lucy Fur, Devil (shown as a woman in a dress)
  • Allah, Yahweh's Islamic counterpart
  • Jeffhammad, Jeffrey's Islamic counterpart
  • Aphrodite, Goddess of Love (Jesus says that she "puts out")
  • Neptune, God of the Sea (he can't even swim, so he is shown with an inner tube)
  • Carl Sagan, scientist and philosopher (1934 - 1996)

About Edit

Yahweh God and Jeffrey debate in every episode. A Bible topic is usually discussed, which is put into cartoon form by DarkMatter2525. He uses certain comic gags like "Mountain Jew" or "BC Cola". Also, in an episode, he even has God angrily setting Jeffrey's cannabis fig leaf on fire, thus causing them to get high and get Doritos® munchies. Also they play pranks on each other (Not-Muhammad fills Jesus Minecraft church with sheep, God later floods Jeffrey's Minecraft world.) Male voices are usually played by Darkmatter2525 and female voices are played by his wife.An episode lasts usually from two to 15 minutes.