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April 29, 2010

PewDiePie also known as Pewdie is a YouTube channel run by a guy named Felix. He is a gamer who loves to play scary video games. He normally posts videos of him playing scary video games with a camera to facecam his reactions. PewDiePie is known to have a website called

PewDiePie In AmnesiaEdit

Whenever PewDiePie plays the Amnesia series, he tends to have a large dislike for Mr. Face (or as PewDiePie refers to him as "Bro") and the Suitors due to the fact that they always seem to sneak up on him and scare him to death. Oddly enough, PewDiePie also dislikes barrels very much in the Amnesia series because whenever PewDiePie is around the barrels, things do not seem to go his way. There is also this tiny, golden, Arabic statue that appears in various places in the Amnesia series. The YouTuber decided to take the liberty in naming this statue Stéphano and tends to hold onto Stéphano and carry him around in the game.

PewDiePie's VideosEdit

Here is a list of a few of the videos that PewDiePie has posted.