TheProgramPirate is a infamous user currently uploading free software and games, he also is uploading videos containing copyrighted material such as Sony Media's "The BoonDocks". He joined youtube at September 20, 2011 and his first video was "Minecraft in less than 5 minutes" with that having a broken MegaUpload link, his feedback from the masses overall is 86% based on the Like/Dislike system. 98% of his total views are taken from his uploadings. However, in all his "BoonDocks Season 2" video's timeline has been doubled, "A YouTube bug" as he said, once the video has already passed the intentioned timeline, the "Audio Parsing" are lost. He shows an "gentleman manner" to his fellow users in the community, however in his last uploaded, "Shinin'" he applied a download link to the video instead of rather than uploading it to YouTube directy, later on he moved to a so called channel named "ChronoWinter" which was already been striked with a copyright notice three days later after his uploads of "Adventure Time". The linked account is currently closed due to the user's request. The latest activity of "TheProgramPirate" was February 1, 2012.